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 ====== Accommodations ====== ====== Accommodations ======
-Under the NWT Recreation and Parks Association Aquatics ​recruitment program, communities that hire applicants ​are required to provide ​information on accommodation and return transportation ​to the community for their aquatics supervisor. Accommodations should be comfortable and safe and ideally ​should be a furnished apartment or house. ​Some communities across the North have a serious lack of available housing and may find staffing a supervisor difficult. ​ In communities where this is the case, the options that a SAO/​Recreation Coordinator can undertake are as follows:+Under the NWTRPA ​recruitment program, communities that hire applicants ​must provide ​the pool/​waterfront supervisor with accommodation and return transportation. Accommodations should be comfortable and safeideally a furnished apartment or house. ​
-  * To house the aquatics supervisor with a reputable community staff member  +Many NWT communities have a serious lack of housing and may have trouble finding appropriate accommodation. In these communities, ​the SAO/rec coordinator may try the following options: 
-  __or__ ​ +  * Ask a reputable community staff person to provide room and board. Do not ask anyone in a position of authority with the pool supervisor. 
-  * Have the pool supervisor ​housesit for a teacher once summer vacation ​starts+  *  Find a house-sitting opportunity for the pool supervisor. For example, teachers or others on summer vacation.
-SAO/Recreation Coordinators ​must have accommodations in place well before the pool supervisor arrives. ​Also the SAO/​Recreation Coordinator should ​explain ​to the incoming supervisor exactly ​what the accommodations ​will be so that he/​she ​is prepared and there are no surprises. ​+The SAO/rec coordinator ​must have accommodations in place well before the pool/​waterfront ​supervisor arrives. ​And clearly ​explain what the accommodations ​are so the pool supervisor ​is prepared and has no surprises. ​
-It is important that all SAO/Recreation Coordinators ​keep in mind that most southern hires have never been to the NWT before ​and will experience ​culture shock” as they try to adjust to the northern lifestyle. ​The SAO/​Recreation Coordinator should work to make this transition for the southern hire as smooth as possible. This is accomplished by:+The SAO/rec coordinator must also keep in mind that most southern hires have never been to the NWT before. The pool supervisor may experience culture shock as they try to adjust to the northern lifestyle. ​
-  ​ensuring ​all the basic necessities ​are met (proper housing, safe environment,​ lots of support, etc) +Consider the following actions to help make this transition as smooth as possible. 
-  * give the supervisor a tour of your community +  ​Make sure all their basic needs are metproper housing, safe environment,​ lots of support, etc. 
-  * be friendly/approachable and available to answer any questions+  * Give the pool/​waterfront ​supervisor a tour of the community. 
 +  * Be friendly ​and approachableand available to answer any questions.
-By helping to ensure ​that the Pool Supervisor ​has a good experience, there is a good chance he/she will return year after year and spread the news of his/​her ​great experience ​to friends and colleagues. This can help to ensure that you will find supervisors ​to operate your facilities year after year.+A pool supervisor ​that has a good experience is more likely to return year after yearand spread the news of their great experience. This can help ensure that you continue to find pool supervisors.
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