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 ====== Advertising ====== ====== Advertising ======
-All seasonal pool supervisors ​will need to develop and advertise the pool’s schedule and programs at the start of the season. ​ Pool Supervisors should work with the SAO/Recreation Coordinators ​to develop eye catching ​advertisements that can be distributed ​around town such as the local grocery store, ​the community hall, the local schools. In the past, communities ​have developed ​community ​newsletter, made posters, ​or put announcements on the local radio station ​in town Pool Supervisors should ask their SAO/Recreation Coordinator ​to use a municipal office computer ​to develop these advertisements ​if no computer ​is provided ​at the pool.  ​The internet and social ​media (e.g., Facebook, Twitter) are also low cost ways to spread the word. +Pool supervisors need to advertise the pool schedule and programs at the start of the season. ​Work with the SAO/rec coordinator ​to develop eye-catching ​ads to distribute ​around towngrocery store, community hall, schools, etc 
 +In the past, communities ​wrote a newsletter, made posters, ​and put announcements on the local radio station. ​Ask the SAO/rec coordinator ​to use a municipal office computer if you have no computer at the pool.  ​Social ​media (e.g., Facebook, Twitter) are also low-cost ways to spread the word.
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