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 ====== Certification Requirements ====== ====== Certification Requirements ======
-The NWT Public Pool Regulations ​require that all pool staff that are lifeguarding ​or instructing on deck must have current qualifications.+According to NWT Public Pool Regulationsall lifeguards ​or instructors at the pool facility MUST have current qualifications.
-{{:​certification_requirements.docx| Certification Requirements}}+The Lifesaving Society developed the Shallow Water NL certification. This course teaches safety supervision and expertise in shallow water, Class A pools.
 +This NL course supports the development of training opportunities for local people. They offer the course as needed. Contact one of the year-round pools or the NWTRPA for further information.
 +{{:​certification_requirements.docx| Certification Requirements}}
-//The Lifesaving Society has developed the Shallow Water NLS certification to teach safety supervision and expertise in shallow water pool conditions and to support the development of a local training capacity for shallow water lifeguards at Class A pools. ​ It is offered on an as-needed basis. Please contact your local year-round pool for further information.//​ 
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