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Fecal Incident

Pool fouling includes vomit, fecal matter, blood, or any other biological contamination. The following process gives an outline of how to deal with pool fouling.

  1. Immediately close the pool to the public: Ask all patrons to leave; Tell all patrons to take a shower before they leave; If patrons must leave during a regular activity that they pay for, consider giving them a free swim pass; and If patrons must leave during a rental, consider giving them a pro-rated refund (e.g. if this is a two-hour rental and the fouling happened after the first hour, they get a refund of one-half the fee.)
  2. Immediately remove the contaminating material from the pool and dispose of it in the proper manner.
  3. Immediately shock the pool.
  4. Keep the pool closed for at least 30 minutes to allow for complete sanitization. Keep it closed longer if the fouling is from diarrhea or vomit.
  5. Take care to maintain appropriate levels of free chlorine (Do not allow levels to drop below 1.2 ppm at any point during this period).
  6. As soon as possible after you re-open the pool, take a water sample and send it to environmental health.
  7. Refer to the “Fecal Incident Response Recommendations for Pool Staff”, Centre for Disease Control, included in the pool resource CD.

Fecal Incident Response Recommendations

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