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 ====== Forms ====== ====== Forms ======
-Some forms are a requirement of the NWT Public Pool:  attendance (bather load)water quality/​pool chemistry testmaintenance performedstaff inservice training ​Attached ​are some samples:+Under the NWT Public Pool Regulationspools MUST HAVE certain forms that can provide information for health officerslegal counseland othersHere are some samples.
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 ---- ----
-Other forms such as staff schedulingcash receipting, lesson registration,​ pool rentals are developed ​to assist in the operation of your pool +Other forms are not a requirementbut they help to keep track of things and give you the information you need for reports and other records
 {{:​staff_schedule.docx| ​ Staff Schedule}}\\ ​ {{:​cash_sheet1.doc| Cash Report}}\\ ​ {{:​lesson_registration1.doc| Lesson Registration}}\\ ​ {{:​rental_request1.doc| Rentals}} {{:​staff_schedule.docx| ​ Staff Schedule}}\\ ​ {{:​cash_sheet1.doc| Cash Report}}\\ ​ {{:​lesson_registration1.doc| Lesson Registration}}\\ ​ {{:​rental_request1.doc| Rentals}}
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