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Hiring Process

It is helpful to develop a process to hire staff, including generic forms and letters. Consider the following actions as part of this process:

  • Update job descriptions.
  • Contact the community office to identify current pay rates.
  • Prepare application forms.
  • Advertise.
  • Screen applicants and decide who to interview.
  • Check references and qualifications.
  • Do criminal records checks.
  • All personnel that work at the pool facility must have a criminal records check, including a vulnerable sector check. Local RCMP can do this. If a candidate gets a “may or may not” result, you need to find out if any of the convictions are for violent or sexual offences.
  • Send letters to successful and unsuccessful candidates.
  • Receive letter of acceptance from candidate.
  • Make sure that any items you agreed to in the employment offer are ready and available, particularly travel and housing.

Sample Interview Form
Sample Interview Questions
Generic Letter Acknowledge Receipt
Generic Letter Unsuccessful
Generic Letter Successful

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