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-====== A Brief History of the Aquatics Program ====== 
-Did you know? The NWT Above-ground Pool Program started in Fort Simpson in 1967. 
-In the past, program staff people had to put the pool together at the start of the season and take it apart at the end. Communities put these shallow-water pools (usually 13 metres long X 1 metre deep) in arenas, curling rinks, maintenance garages, and a variety of other buildings. ​ 
-Because the pools came apart, they often moved from community to community so that more people could experience aquatics programs. 
-Some communities created waterfront areas in rivers, lakes, and the Arctic Ocean so that people with no pool in their community could have some experience with aquatics programs. ​ 
-At its height, 41 aquatics programs operated in the NWT and what is now Nunavut. 
-  * Unordered List ItemFive programs where people took a bus to a neighbouring community with a pool. 
-  * 21 programs with pools. 
-  * Eight seasonal waterfront programs. 
-  * Seven short-term waterfront programs. ​ 
-The GNWT ran the Above-ground Pool Program until the mid-1990s. At that time the NWT Recreation and Parks Association (NWTRPA) slowly took over.  
-The NWTRPA is now responsible for: 
-  * Organizing recruitment of pool supervisors for seasonal pools. 
-  * Support of all pool staff, SAOs, rec coordinators,​ and facility maintainers. 
-  * Advocating for aquatics programs throughout the territory. 
-{{:​history_pg_7.jpg?​200 |}} A pool on a barge (“Corky the Barge”) travelled down the Mackenzie River and stopped at communities along the way.