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Job Descriptions

Larger communities often have several staff. In smaller communities, staffing depends on operations and funding.

Encourage local pool staff people to get training. Guide and support them during their employment so they build the skills they need to earn a lifeguard and/or instructor certificate (Bronze Medallion, Bronze Cross, NL, WSI, etc).

The NWTRPA encourages all community pool programs to work towards certifying local people for the pool/waterfront supervisor job. This person needs a number of up-to-date certifications that take many hours/months/years of instruction and training.

Communities can work with the NWTRPA Aquatics Committee to provide training and certification opportunities, and help build a strong, northern-trained, aquatics staff. Contact the Aquatics Committee for more information on training and certifications through the NWTRPA office: (867) 669-8375 or

Job Description Pool Supervisor
Job Description Components for Pool Staff

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