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 ====== Job Descriptions ====== ====== Job Descriptions ======
-In larger ​communities, there is often a large number of staff. ​ In smaller communities,​ staffing ​will be dependent ​on operations and funding. ​ +Larger ​communities often have several ​staff. In smaller communities,​ staffing ​depends ​on operations and funding.
-Local pool staff members should be encouraged ​to seek training and be guided and supported ​during their employment ​in order to be able to challenge ​lifeguard/water safety instruction certifications ​(Bronze Medallion, Bronze Cross, ​NLS, WSI).+Encourage local pool staff people ​to get training. Guide and support them during their employment ​so they build the skills they need to earn a lifeguard ​and/or instructor certificate ​(Bronze Medallion, Bronze Cross, ​NL, WSI, etc).
-The NWTRPA encourages all communities with aquatics ​programs to work towards certifying local individuals ​for the role of aquatics ​supervisor. ​The NWTRPA Aquatics Committee is working towards building ​strong northern trained aquatics staff across the Territory by providing training and certification opportunities. ​ One of the reason communities should have local pool staff is to help foster local interest in a career in aquatics. Local pool staff members are the first step in building a strong northern aquatics staff+The NWTRPA encourages all community pool programs to work towards certifying local people ​for the pool/​waterfront ​supervisor ​jobThis person needs number ​of up-to-date certifications that take many hours/​months/​years of instruction and training.
-In order to be able to supervise a pool, a number of certifications must be achievedThese certifications take many hours of instruction and training to achieve. For more information on the certifications ​required please contact the NWTRPA Aquatics Committee ​through the NWTRPA office: (867) 669-8375 or ​+Communities can work with the NWTRPA Aquatics Committee ​to provide training and certification opportunitiesand help build strong, northern-trained,​ aquatics staffContact the Aquatics Committee for more information on training and certifications through the NWTRPA office: (867) 669-8375 or [[]] 
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