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Lessons are a key part of any pool program. When people learn to swim, they are more likely to come to other pool programs and special events. Swimming lessons also provide an important opportunity to teach water safety.

Here are some of the kinds of lessons you may offer:

  • Learn-to-swim (including Red Cross Swim Programs and Lifesaving Society Swim for Life)
  • Survival swimming (Swim to Survive, Water Smart®)
  • Fitness programs such as aqua-fit and swim club
  • Parent and tots
  • Teen or adult lessons
  • Boating safety or kayaking
  • Water sports
  • Junior lifeguard club

Swimming lesson tips

  • Make it fun. Many kids do not respond well to a ‘structured’ style of swim lesson. Remember—everyone is on summer vacation.
  • Be creative. Some supervisors use a drop-in program all morning and play a lot of games at first to get the kids interested. Once they have a good group, they set up class times.
  • Start each class with fun activities. If kids have fun, they are more likely to come on time. You have to play a lot of games with the kids; you will often be in the pool with them for the whole class.

Be creative, flexible, and persistent. Kids eventually show up. For more ideas of what worked in the past in your community, check end-of-year reports from past years.

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