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NWTRPA Recruitment Drive

Starting in November each year, the NWTRPA advertises across Canada for applications for the upcoming aquatics season. This ad is for pool or waterfront supervisors in the communities that currently run aquatics programs in the NWT.

The NWTRPA developed this recruitment drive to help communities find a pool or waterfront supervisor. NWTRPA staff people collect and screen the resumes, and distribute a summary of acceptable resumes to the communities. Communities review the resumes and select individuals to interview.

Each year the NWTRPA operates this Canada-wide recruitment drive from December to May 15.

To receive the resumes, a community must complete a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). The MOU clarifies the roles and responsibilities of the community and the NWTRPA with respect to the recruitment drive.

MOU Between NWTRPA & the Community Regarding Pool Supervisor

We encourage all communities to hire their aquatics staff between January 1 and March 15. This is when we receive the most applications.

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