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Off Season Requirements


  • Review recommendations and start any items that require long lead times.
  • Review capital requirements for the next season as well as into the future.
  • Develop budget for next year
  • Ensure that your insurance is up to date; make sure it includes coverage for pool activities.


  • Fully winterize the pool.
  • Complete repairs as needed.


  • Recruit pool supervisors and other pool staff.
  • Organize training/re-certification of local staff at year round facilities.
  • Have local facility maintainers complete Pool Operations 1 & 2 courses at the School of Community Government.
  • Complete all aspects of hiring a pool supervisor: MOU, travel, housing, sending a copy of last year’s report and this manual.


  • Order all needed pool supplies and chemicals.

Environmental Health Officer:

  • Order water sample bottles and forms.
  • Schedule an inspection before the pool opens.


  • Do staff orientation and training.
  • Have local maintainer clean pool and building, fill the pool and have it ready for the pool supervisor arrives.
  • Coordinate pool and other recreation programs.
  • Advertise opening.

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