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 +====== Facility Maintainer Responsibilities ======
-====== Recreation Facility Operator Responsibilities ======+As a year-round employee, the facility maintainer has an important role in the pool facility. They oversee the following tasks. 
 +  * Properly winterize the pool in the fall. 
 +  * Complete any off-season repairs. 
 +  * Get the pool ready to open in the spring.
-Facility Maintainers are crucial for the overall pool operation ​As ​they are a year round municipal employee, they ensure that:+The facility maintainer often has the skills to do minor repairsAnd they know what trades people to get for more major repairs.
-  * the off-season repairs are completed +The facility maintainer must be familiar with the NWT Public Pool Regulations. They help to make sure that the pool water and facility meet all the requirements under those laws.
-  * the pool is ready for opening in the spring +
-  * the pool is properly winterized in the fall  ​+
-These facility ​maintainers often have skills ​to assist with minor repairs and they know who the trades people are for more major repairs +The School of Community Government provides training in maintaining pools. Encourage the facility ​maintainer ​to take these courses.
-Having a properly maintained facility is critical to patron enjoyment as well as safety. ​ The regulations surrounding a swimming ​pool are stringent ​and careful attention must be paid to ensure ​the pool water and facility is kept clean and meets all standards in the Public Pool regulations +A good working relationship between the pool supervisor ​and facility maintainer contributes ​to an easy transition at the beginning ​and the end of the season.
-The School of Community Government provides training in pool operations which will ensure that your pool is well maintained. 
-A good working relationship between the Pool Supervisor and the facility maintainers will ensure that an easy transition occurs at the beginning of the season and the end of the season.  ​ 
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