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-====== ​Policy Development ​======+====== ​Developing Policies ​======
-You will need to have policies and procedures to ensure a safe, organized, pleasant ​work place. Here are some tips in developing ​policies:+To help ensure a safe, organized, ​and pleasant ​workplace, you need policies and procedures. Here are some tips to help develop ​policies
 +  * Clearly outline the goal. 
 +  * Research what other communities do. Adapt as needed to your situation. 
 +  * Apply plain language principles to write the policy. 
 +  * Encourage staff to review a draft policy. Ask the public to review it too, if appropriate. 
 +  * Make sure your superiors support the policy. In some cases, you may need a legal review of the policy. 
 +  * Implement the policy. 
 +  * Evaluate and revise, as needed.
-  * Clearly outline the goal of the policy. +Each community is differentHere are some sample policies ​you may want to consider.
-  * Research what other communities do.  Why reinvent the wheel? +
-  * Using these goals and samples, write the policy in simple language. ​  +
-  * Allow the staff to review the policy for further input. ​ You may even wish to include the public. +
-  * Ensure your superiors support the policy. +
-  * In some cases, ​you may need to have legal review of the policy. +
-  * Implement the policy. ​ Revise, if necessary.+
-Each community is different, but here are some sample policies you may wish to consider. 
 {{:​policy_development.docx|Policy Development}} {{:​policy_development.docx|Policy Development}}
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