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Integrating Pool Programs with Other Recreation Programs

The rec coordinator and pool supervisor need to work together to provide a variety of recreation programs. The pool is an important part of the community’s recreation programs. Include pool activities in all recreation advertising and promotion.

Pools programs can be more than fun swims and lessons. Consider the following ideas at your pool:

  • Aqua-fit is a great way for people to get in shape.
  • Physiotherapy in the pool is good for people with injuries, particularly lower limbs. It promotes healing and a greater range of motion for injured areas.
  • Teens love the challenges of regular water sports such as volleyball, basketball, underwater hockey, and inner tube water polo.
  • Special events are fun for everyone. Include pool events with multi-sport camps, day camps, etc.
  • Pool programs offer great opportunities to include elders and little ones in the fun.
  • Boating safety is very important to all NWT communities. Offer dry land boating safety instruction either at the pool or schools.
  • The pool can be a big part of the Water Smart™ program. This new program aims to reduce the number of drownings in the NWT. For more info contact your regional recreation staff.
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