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 ====== Regular Programs ====== ====== Regular Programs ======
-Regular programs are the ones run daily, several ​times week, or weekly Generally, these are simply guarded ​swims and do not require ​instruction. ​ These swims are all about having fun and can include a number of activities:​ +Regular programs are the ones that run every day or one or more times each week. Generally, these are public ​swims with a lifeguard ​and no instruction. ​They are all about having fun. 
- +  * Open/​Public ​swims 
-  * open or public ​swims +  * Targeted ​swims such as parents and tots, teensadults, or families 
-  * targeted ​swims such as parents and tots, teenadult, or family swims +  * Lane swims 
-  * lane swims  +  * User groups such as a swim team, water polo, kayak club 
-  * user groups such as a swim team, waterpolo kayaking clubs +  * Rentals: ​birthday parties, reunions
-  * rentals – birthday parties, reunions+
 ---- ----
 {{ :​swimming_lanes_pg_32.jpg?​nolink |}} {{ :​swimming_lanes_pg_32.jpg?​nolink |}}
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