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Safety Equipment

NWT Public Pool Regulations specify certain items you must have to operate the pool. You also need certain safety equipment to properly handle chemicals and cleaning supplies.

Water quality equipment

  • Black disc to test for visibility at the bottom of the pool.
  • Water test kit and test chemicals.
  • Sample bottles and forms for weekly bacteriological tests.
  • Two thermometers—one for air and one for water.
  • When you use chlorine gas, two gas masks and a supply of aqueous ammonia must be available at all times and must not be stored in the chlorinator room.

Pool safety equipment

  • One non-conducting reaching pole.
  • Two throw lines with floats attached; each line’s length is at least ½ the pool length plus two metres.
  • One NWT # 1 first aid kit as set out in the General Safety Regulations.
  • One spinal board with straps.
  • Sign with all applicable rules for the facility, including those required in the NWT Public Pool Regulations.
  • An explanation of emergency procedures prominently displayed in an area used by pool staff.
  • A telephone available near the pool for emergencies. If a telephone is not available, emergency procedures posted that meet the Environmental Health Officer’s approval.
  • A list of emergency phone numbers—for the nearest available medical assistance, ambulance, police, fire department, and emergency maintenance personnel—posted clearly next to each telephone.
  • Lifeguard tower for class B pools.

Equipment to safely handle chemicals and cleaning products

Pool staff must be trained to handle all chemicals and cleaning products. You must make sure that all safety equipment is available, in good repair, and—most importantly—used.

  • Safety glasses.
  • Dust mask.
  • Chemical masks for the chemicals people use at the pool.
  • Several types of gloves from light gloves when using cleaning products to heavy gloves when using chemicals.
  • Full protective suit.
  • Boots.
  • Protective apron.
  • Eyewash station.

Pool Inspection Checklist

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