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-====== Safety Equipment ====== 
-The Public Pool Regulations [[nwt-pool-regulations|click here]] specify the items required to operate your pool.  As well, you will require safety equipment for the safe handling of chemicals and cleaning supplies.  ​ 
-=== Required Equipment for Water Quality === 
-  * Black disc to test for visibility at bottom of the pool 
-  * Water test kit and test chemicals 
-  * Sample bottles and forms for weekly bacteriological tests 
-  * Thermometers (one for air and one for water) ​ 
-  * When gas chlorine is used, two gas masks and supply of aqueous ammonia must be available at all times but must not be stored in the chlorinator room. 
-=== Required Pool Safety Equipment === 
-  * One non-conducting reaching pole 
-  * Two throwing lines with floats attached where the length of each line is at least one-half the pool length plus 2 m 
-  * One NWT No. 1 first aid kit as set out in the General Safety Regulations 
-  * One spinal board with straps 
-  * Sign with all applicable rules for the facility including those required in the Public Pool Regulations 
-  * An explanation of emergency procedures must be prominently displayed in an area used by pool staff 
-  * A telephone available near the pool for emergencies;​ or where a telephone is not available, emergency procedures shall be established which meet with the approval of the Environmental Health Officer 
-  * A list of emergency telephone numbers for the nearest available medical assistance, ambulance service, police and fire department and emergency maintenance personnel must be posted conspicuously next to each telephone 
-  * Lifeguard tower for class B pools 
-{{:​flotation_device_pg37.png?​200 |}} {{ :​whistle_pg37.png?​200 |}} 
-=== Proper Equipment for Safe Handling of Chemicals and Cleaning Products === 
-Pool staff must be trained to handle all chemicals and cleaning products. You must ensure that all safety equipment is available, in good repair, and – most importantly -used. ​ 
-  * Safety glasses 
-  * Dust mask  
-  * Chemical masks for the chemicals being used at your pool 
-  * Several types of gloves from light gloves when using cleaning products to heavy gloves for use when using chemicals 
-  * Full protective suit 
-  * Boots  
-  * Protective apron 
-  * Eyewash station 
-{{:​pool_inspection_checklist.docx| Pool Inspection Checklist}} 
-{{:​full_protective_suit_pg38.jpg?​200 |}} {{:​safety_goggles_pg_38.jpg?​100 |}}  {{:​chemical_mask_pg38.jpg?​100 |}} 
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