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Special Events

Here is where your imagination can run wild. Special events are a great way to involve the pool staff and other summer recreation staff. They are young and full of energy. The events that we list here are one-time activities or a series of activities. Fun is the main goal, but you can include lots of learning, too.

  • Special days such as Bring a Friend Day, Bring Your Grandparent Day.
  • Fun deck activities such as blowing bubbles or sprinkler.
  • Crazy days such as Love Your Goldfish Day, National Ice Cream Day.
  • Lifejacket fashion show on Drowning Prevention Day.
  • Water Safety Week celebration with a different safety event each day.
  • Fun races and relays such as egg and spoon (use a ping pong ball), cracker and whistle, three-armed, and wheelbarrow (use a flutter board) races.
  • Special swim for holidays such as Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Canada Day, Christmas in July.
  • Water sports tournament such as underwater hockey or water volleyball.
  • Boating day with an inflatable boat or kayak (borrow the boat if needed).

More special event ideas:

  • Body painting after a fun swim, with a hose available, outside, for wash up.
  • Colouring contest.
  • Movie night.
  • Contest to find a pool mascot. If you already have a mascot, have a contest to name it.

For more ideas, check the Lifeguard Club program of the Lifesaving Society and the links at the end of this manual.

Share your special event ideas so other pools can try them. Email them to

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