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Staff Orientation

Staff orientation should include the following items.

  • Welcome and introductions.
  • Organizational chart, community administration: what different people do; who reports to whom.
  • Expectations of staff: schedules, being on time, uniforms, completing tasks, input for program ideas, etc.
  • Communications: staff book, bulletin board, whistle and visual signals, etc.
  • Program highlights: types of swims, lessons, special events, working with other recreation programs, etc.
  • Staff training and in-service opportunities and schedule.
  • Janitorial and maintenance duties including what cleaning products to use, chemical safety, etc. Checklists are a great tool for this.
  • Tour of facility.
  • Fill out forms that the municipal office needs, such as TD1.
  • Consider using this sample power point presentation as part of your staff orientation; or adapt it to your community

Sample Power Point for Staff Orientation Session

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