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 ====== Staff Recruitment ====== ====== Staff Recruitment ======
-You will need a Pool Supervisor (who may be from the community or from outside ​the community) as well as local staff. ​ +As soon as the pool closes for the season, start recruiting for the next season. Each community ​pool facility needs a pool supervisor and local staff. ​If appropriate,​ ask the current pool supervisor if they want to return next year.
-You should start your recruitment for the next season as soon as your pool closes. ​ If you have had a successful season with your current Pool Supervisor, ask him/her if he/she wants to return next year.   +If any local residents ​work at the pool or want to work thereconsider offering some off-season training ​to develop their skills. The four year-round pools in the NWT can help with this training.
- +
-If you have local residents ​who are interested in working ​at the pool, look at off season training ​so they are ready when the pool opens The four year-round pools can assist ​with this training. +
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