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 ====== Pool Supervisor Responsibilities ====== ====== Pool Supervisor Responsibilities ======
 +The pool supervisor is responsible for the day-to-day operations. ​
 +  * Programs
 +  * Staff
 +  * Facility
-The Pool Supervisor is responsible ​for the programming ​and day-to-day operations of the pool These responsibilities include a number of areas: ​  +Use this manual to find basic information ​for each of these areas and links to online resources.
-  * the programming +
-  * the staffing +
-  * the facility ​+
-Information ​for all of these areas can be found in this manual as well as links to online resources +Look at the job descriptions ​for more details about the responsibilities ​of the pool supervisor and other pool staff.
-A more inclusive list of responsibilities is found under Job Descriptions.+**//Make the most of your experience//​**
-===== Survival Guide for Pool Supervisors =====+Important tips to help pool supervisors have a great summer and make the most of their northern experience. 
 +  * Things to look into before you leave home. 
 +  * Things to bring when you come north. 
 +  * Things to try, places to see, people to meet in the north.
-Survival Tips to Help Make this a Great Summer+Many people pay a lot of money to visit the NWT. And here you are. Enjoy the experience. ​Make the best of it.
-  * Things to bring with you 
-  * Learn the workings of the community government – who’s who, where things are, what your job entails 
-  * Learn about your pool and the pool staff 
-  * Meet people in the community, learn who can be champions for the aquatics program 
-  * Tour the community 
-  * People pay a lot of money to visit the Spectacular NWT - and here you are.  Enjoy the experience 
 {{:​survivial_guide.docx|Survival Guide}} {{:​survivial_guide.docx|Survival Guide}}
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