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Water Tests

NWT Public Pool Regulations give details for water tests.

Weekly Bacteriological Test

NWT Public Pool Regulations state:

  • Submit at least one bacteriological sample of the pool water each week to a water testing lab for examination.
  • Collect a bacteriological sample in an approved bottle from below the water surface near an outlet, while the pool is in use.
  • When you submit pool tests to the lab, you receive test results back within a few days (usually sent to the Health Centre).
  • Make sure the coliform count in the pool water does not exceed two colonies for each 100 ml with the Standard Membrane Filter Technique.
  • Look at the test results to make sure the values are within the allowable ranges. If there is a problem, the Environmental Health Officer usually contacts you. But it is important to check them yourself.

Daily Testing

NWT Public Pool Regulations state:

  • Take tests each day that the pool operates, at least once every four hours
  • Check test results and make sure the values fall within the allowable range. See the following table.
Total alkalinity80 to 200 mg/l80 to 120 mg/l
Calcium hardness100 to 200 mg/l150 to 200 mg/l
pH (pool)7.2 to 7.87.6
pH (hot tub)7.2 to 7.67.4 to 7.6
Free available chlorine (pool)1.0 to 1.5 mg/L1.2 mg/L
Total residual chlorine (pool)not greater than 2.5 mg/L
Free available chlorine (hot tub)5 to 10 mg/L
Temperature (pool)26°C - 30°C.
Temperature (hot tub)No greater than 40°C
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