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 ====== Pool Supervisor’s Final Report ====== ====== Pool Supervisor’s Final Report ======
-This document is vitally important. ​ It will not only provide ​information about your pool for that year but recommendations for upcoming ​season. ​ ​Please take time to prepare a thorough report. ​ You can start this report ​right at the beginning of the summer ​so it is not an onerous task at the end. +This document is vitally important. It provides ​information about the pool for that year; and makes recommendations for the next season. 
 +Take time to prepare a thorough report. ​To help make this task more manageable, start the report at the beginning of the summer ​and add to it throughout the season. Use information from the monthly reports. 
 {{:​sample_final_report.docx|Sample Final Report}} {{:​sample_final_report.docx|Sample Final Report}}
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