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Pool Dimension Formulas

Use the following formulas to measure and record the pool length, width, depth, volume, and bather load.

Ask someone to check your calculations—they are very important. You use these calculations to decide how much of each chemical to add to the pool.

For more information on pool chemicals, complete the Pool Operations Level 1 course. For course information, contact the School of Community Government, Municipal and Community Affairs, GNWT.

Pool length (metres) Pool width (metres) Pool area (square metres) Water depth shallow end (metres) Water depth deep end (metres) Maximum bather load (number of people in pool) Pool volume (cubic litres)

Length, width, depth

Use metres to measure pool length, width, and depth.

When you measure depth, be sure to measure from the surface of the water and not the top of the wall.

Pool area (square metres) = length (metres) X width (metres)

Maximum bather load

Maximum bather load (number of people) = pool area (in square metres)  1.5

Pool volume (cubic litres)—constant depth pool

Use this formula to calculate pool volume for a constant depth pool—a pool that has the same depth all over.

  • Unordered List ItemVolume (cubic litres) = length (metres) X width(metres) X depth (metres) X 1000

Pool volume (cubic litres)—variable depth pool

Use this formula to calculate pool volume for a variable depth pool—a pool where the water depth changes from one end to the other.

  1. Average depth = [Depth at shallow end (metres) + depth at deep end (metres)]  2
  2. Volume (cubic litres) = length (metres) X width (metres) X average depth (metres) X 1000

For pools with several depths:

  • Divide the pool into sections.
  • Calculate the volume of each section.
  • Add the volume of each section together to get the total volume.

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